Nectid focuses on developing nutritional solutions for large growing underserved therapeutic markets like fatty liver, pain, depression, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). We believe these are all complex multidimensional diet related disorders and they require modulation of multiple pathways.

Nectid uses two approaches-1) Repurposing known drugs for different indications or to design novel dosage forms for these complex disorders and 2) developing novel nutritional platforms that address the cause of these chronic conditions.

Nectid's strategy is to use known pharmaceutical and nutritional agents with innovative proprietary that provide steady revenue stream through licensing and royalty. Nectid's project selection is based clear unmet and underserved market, large business potential and strong intellectual property.

Nectid's business strategy is to optimize the use and value of our technologies in three ways. First, we are seeking to assemble a number of pharmaceutical/nutritional platforms that can be highly differentiated from existing solutions in the market. These novel first in class platforms may be promoted together within a specialty market. Second, we plan out-license platforms to other players to develop markets after we have demonstrated their value through our formulation and development efforts. Third, we plan to enter into collaborative partnerships with other companies where the unique capabilities of our technology can provide superior value to a partner's product candidate, resulting in greater value for Nectid.

Our goal is to be an Intellectual Property driven products and platform company with a strong focus on developing better solutions for large markets.. We intend to achieve this goal by:

Building a Drug Franchise in Pain Medications:
We intend to develop products and platforms that we believe may have broad use for individuals with chronic conditions.

Focusing on Development and Late Stage Products:
We believe that our development focus will enable us to generate product revenues earlier than if we were discovering and developing new chemical entities and enables us to hedge bets on a wider range of product and platform candidates.

Retaining Significant Rights:
We currently retain worldwide commercialization rights to all of our technology and pain management product candidates in all markets and indications. As a result, we expect to capture a greater percentage of the profits from drug sales than we would if we out-licensed our products earlier in the development process. In market segments that require large or specialized sales forces, such as the market for liver support products, we may seek sales and marketing alliances with third parties. We believe that such alliances will enable us to deploy our resources effectively, commercialize our drugs rapidly and cost-effectively.

Using Our Technology to Develop products for Indications:
We are initially focusing our efforts on developing brain health and liver support areas. However, we believe our technology can be broadly applied to additional areas enabling us target wider and deeper business opportunities.

Outsourcing Key Functions:
We intend to outsource clinical trials, formulation and manufacturing. We believe outsourcing will produce significant time savings and allow for more efficient deployment of our resources.