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Princeton, NJ – January 31, 2014
Nectid, Inc. (, a Princeton based privately pharmaceutical and nutritional technology development company focused on discovering and developing nutritional products and novel drugs, announced the launch of proprietary and patent pending omega-3 fortified Whey Protein Ketogenic platform for the food and nutrition industry.

BrainWhey© is a novel proprietary patent pending Whey protein platform technology formulated with unique mix of GRAS ingredients that have been in nutritional use for decades.

The Whey formulation is unique because it preserves the stability of Omega-3 and prolongs the shelf life of foods and nutritional products. BrainWhey© can be used in any number of food products--energy bars, smoothie mixes, cookies, protein cereals, meal replacements, beverages, desserts, etc. In addition to much needed omega-3 stability, BrainWhey© provides distinct health benefits because it is a ketogenic platform that helps generate ketone bodies in liver. One serving of BrainWhey© fortified food can deliver up to 1.5g omega-3 and helps avoid eating fish or taking 10 omega-3/fish oil capsules every day Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in the platform generate ketone bodies which are used by brain, heart, and skeletal muscle. The platform is manufactured in a GMP facility right in the United States and has FDA compliant gluten free certification.

Nectid’s founder/CEO Ram Sesha has said, “BrainWhey© is an interesting platform that fulfills several key unmet needs of the food and omega-3 market. When used alone in formulating food and nutritional products, omega-3 fatty acid tends develop fishy odor and undergo oxidation. The BrainWhey© platform ensures omega-3 tucked away in protective cavities of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)-Whey protein to preserve it against standard degradation on the shelf. Importantly BrainWhey© is a gluten free ketogenic platform that helps in neurological and liver conditions". Nectid plans to market BrainDWhey© to food and nutrition product industry. Nectid has developed energy bars, smoothie mix and coffee beverage using BrainWhey© to demonstrate its effectiveness”.

About Nectid
Nectid, (, is a Princeton based nutritional technology and drug discovery company that focuses on chronic health conditions. Nectid has licensed 19 patents in the last three years to branded pharmaceutical companies. One of its products is pivotal clinical study in Germany in partnership with Grunenthal, Germany.


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