Drug Discovery

Platform Background
Nectid has developed a screening platform that utilizes existing knowledge- scientific art, patent databases, published clinical trial information, published bioassays, protein expressions to
  1. design new chemical entities with better clinical profiles than known drugs, and to
  2. discover newer use for known molecular entities.
The initial goal is to conceptualize, design and synthesize NCEs that improve the clinical profile of currently approved drugs by several orders of magnitude. The platform is disease specific, often mechanism specific, and uses thousands of training sets and corresponding biological responses and requires customization depending on the therapeutic area.

Nectid's proprietary software developed using disease specific biological responses and correlating them with molecular structures of hundreds of known bioactive compounds. The platform uses a sophisticated mathematical function to provide a screening tool to predict an active compound from hundreds of newly designed chemical entities. We are continuing to improve the platform by two approaches- 1) continual addition of training molecules and new biological responses relevant to that specific training molecule and 2) building a complementary molecular profile model