about nectid
Nectid is a privately held “science driven” pharmaceutical and nutritional technology company. Nectid, founded by industry professionals and scientists, has operations in Princeton, NJ and in India. Nectid leverages the critical product designing and intellectual property skills in US and technical capabilities in India to develop first-in-class technologies and novel products to address clinical unmet needs.

Nectid is dedicated to partnership and team work to serve the new and unmet needs in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry. From new product discovery to development, Nectid creates value very affordably to an industry that is in search of balancing product innovation and cost of R & D.
Business Model
Nectid's business model is to discover and develop new innovative uses platform technologies to address the unmet needs in pharmaceutical and nutritional food industry. The business model focuses on opportunity identification, platform design & development, securing intellectual property and licensing technology to bigger firms who have the resources to commercialize the technology. The company outsources all of the developmental work to third party contract research organizations but secures and retains full worldwide rights to all of its projects. This allows the Company to remain small still retain flexibility to tap outside technical/business talent based on project need.